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The Torso Collection 

 I believe that ideas are sent out into the world like the flight of the dandelion seeds, once blown they scatter the earth until one takes hold in the mind of the creator, that’s how this collection felt to me it was a gift and from beginning to end it brought joy to my world as I wish it to bring to yours. . The pieces consist of sensual masculine and feminine in the form of a beautiful torso which proudly represents our earthly body embarking on our life's journey. Beneath the torso are stones which are our beginning the essence of man and woman representing our true self. In the corner there is the universal symbol of circles representing totality, wholeness, eternity, representing the divine reminding us who we are and letting us know to stay on course. The surroundings are uneven representing change our constant evolution of self in an everchanging world, the need to ever grow and change. I aimed to make these pieces sensual not sexual this is enhanced by using the same color though out the piece Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints in a Flat patina. 


Strength - Original Available

24" X 24"


Beauty - Original Available

24" X 24"

31903_07_web_clipped_rev_1 (1).png

Essence of Man - Original Sold

31903_08_web_clipped_rev_1 (1).jpg

Essence Of Woman - Original Sold

Soul Of Man - Original Sold

Soul Of Woman - Original Sold

Spirit Of Man - Original Sold

Spirit Of Woman - Original Sold


Dance Outline

Original Sold

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