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Intention Wheel


It started as a dream that evoked an emotion of depth and meaning; it was clear that I needed to create it. The “it” being what I now call an Intention Wheel. The wheel is meant to mirror and evoke emotions for the onlooker that is essential to understanding oneself. Its intention is to bring positive energy and reunite your physical being to your spiritual one through the conscious and subconscious. You can choose to make it as spiritual and soulful as you wish – it is an intention wheel and is meant to be infinite in its depth of emotion and perception. It is your wheel, your path, and your life's intention.


It pushes for self honesty and helps to visualize how far you may have strayed from your unrealized dreams. It will give you balance and strength to find what is missing and thus, will help to restore your joys in life through self-understanding. Each circular layer represents something different and meaningful to the inner you.


Smallest Circle – Self/Soul.

This is you, yourself and your soul. This represents who you are and who you’ve become in your life and your families lives.


Medium Circle – Gratitude.

Gratitude, gratitude. This represents thankfulness for life and all that is good; it is positivity


Largest Circle – Intention.

Intention. This is all the good that we want to intend for ourselves our family, and the world. This is where you order from the infinite universe anything that you would like; joy, happiness, success, relationships, world piece, health, house, car, it is your intention and your permission to dream.

Intention Wheel Patina

 Original Available 35"

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Intention Wheel Rust

 Original Available 35"

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Intention Wheel Bronze

 Original Available 24"

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Intention Wheel Silver

 Original Available 24"

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